Judo video

Kyle's fitness video

Kyle's video about our early dating period

Kyle Get Fit v1


Kyle rock climbing in Kota Kinabalu, Nov 2015.

It's Complicated - Kyle's segment in the Singapore American School (SAS) middle school play.

Smurf Dance - After watching the Smurf movie, Kyle learned that the Smurf song really bothered Dad.  So he would sing it and wiggle his butt at the same time.  Not sure where the butt-wiggling came from, but Dad would try to kick it.  So Kyle figured he'd video tape his annoying act and thus be safe from Dad's swift kick.

Zombie Kyle



 Kyle ran through the maze at the Expo.




 Kyle's School assembly in 2nd grade.  He leads off the singing of My Favorite Things from Sound of Music.



 Kyle's "Xtranormal" movie for his homework assignment "Protecting the Environment"




Kyle climbing the wall at Kidzania Tokyo over Chinese New Year 2010.





On Friday July 24th, we built this pyramid.  On Sunday, Kyle destroyed it.  Click the picture to see the video.


Kyle presents the Weather Report at the public assembly


  Watch Kyle's Ben 10 story


0901_102.jpgKyle's first grade class did a performance.  Kyle did the intro, and then the class sang and danced.  So cute!  See the video here.


0901_108.jpgWe got a box of blocks for Kyle's Christmas present, and he's enjoyed building towers and mazes with them.  See the video here.  Also, we got the Sound of Music DVD and introduced that wonderful classic to Kyle.  He loves it!  See the video here.

0812_186.jpg  Xmas 2008



 Flag Raising at YK Pao - 1st Grade, 7 years old




 Kyle, Emme and Adan movie by Stephen (Mac format)


Dinosaur Song at 4

A budding artist.  Kyle at 2 1/4.  Pic shows Kyle making a train out of clay.



 Spinning at 17 months.



 Walking at 13 months






 Kyle Cruisin' at 8 months


First Steps



Playing with Dad


Turn in Bed


Grabbing Toes



Alan's first (and last) Chinese lesson for Kyle

 Teaching Kyle is our number one goal and joy.  Here's Alan's attempt using technology.



Alan's mom's hilarious email in response to the mass mailing about Kyle's videos:

Dear Friends [in response to Alan's mass email to "Friends"]:  Your jumping jack [jumping in his bouncer]  is very cute. Alan never had so many toys in his first five years of life as Kyle does on that wheel cart.  His squeel [sic] is funny too, but I cannot make out what was he trying to do.  Susan said that he is more and more like Alan when he was young, I think she means very active.  But can she really remember?  Or just remembering our comments of Alan?  Believe me, Alan was non-stop active.  Even and especially when he had high fever and the doctor gave him a "fever lowering tranquilizer".  Once when he had high fever, wheezing, with medication, he was simultaneously laughing, giggling, and running as fast as he can  from the kitchen to the living room to the dining room back to the kitchen in a big circle ten fifteen times non-stop.  I didn't know to laugh with him or worry.  Luckily Alan grew up.  Love, your friend.


Other Videos

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US Presidents

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SF MOMA video

Pearl Harbor video

Taipei 101

Taiwan bike ride with Kyle

Ode to my Superdry Watch

Abba Concert in Shanghai, Jan 2012

Tien 2011 year in review

Bali, Dec 2011

April 2009: Alan's mom visits Shanghai.  Hear her "ghost" stories.



Toyota demo at 2009 Auto Show in Shanghai




 Crouching Jam Hidden Cracker - Jamcracker days




 F1 Shanghai - race car trying to rejoin race after wiping out into the gravel


Got up at 6am to experience a camel-ride along the Echoing-Sand
to see the sunrise over the Gobi desert.  Huge full moon kept us company while we waited.  360 video of the view


Daddy and Me classes at Keiki Place