September 2010 - Kyle's 9th Birthday

  Kyle had 9 of his best buds over to celebrate his 9th birthday party.  ML planned out 9 games.  Needless to say, it was a bit of a zoo.  First the teams of 3 were named after Ben 10 aliens: Humongasaur, Big Chill, Swampfire.

2010_9_kylebday_001.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_002.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_003.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_005.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_007.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_009.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_010.jpg Game #1: Each person on the team got 9 RMB, for a total of 27 per team.  They had to buy or sell from the Ben 10 store, where the aliens were priced from 2 to 7 RMB.  The first team to get to buy a total value of 27 RMB exactly won! 
The winning team got to choose their prize first, in this case, Ben 10 pens, to put into their goody bag.
  2010_9_kylebday_011.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_012.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_013.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_014.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_015.jpg
Game #2: Decode the clues to find the next gift.  Each person got a word, and the team had to put the clues together to find the location, such as "Behind Red Couch".  The "code" was A-Z using Webdings font.  For example, "behind" is "" in Webdings.
2010_9_kylebday_016.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_018.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_019.jpg Game #3: Guess under which cup had the clue for your next prize?
2010_9_kylebday_030.jpg If you guessed wrong (blank card underneath cup), you had to go to the balcony and dump the water in the cup on your head! 2010_9_kylebday_020.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_021.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_022.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_023.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_025.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_026.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_027.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_028.jpg  
2010_9_kylebday_031.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_032.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_034.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_035.jpg    
And what did the winning team get to do? 

Dump all the extra water on Alan!!  (Guess who designed the game?)

2010_9_kylebday_036.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_038.jpg
Game #4: Obstacle course.  Each team had to choose the person to do the 3 physical tasks: 1) 9 jumps on the trampoline, 2) crawl back and forth 9 times on the yoga mat, 3) do either 9 pushups or 9 situps.  Each team completed their workout in less than 1 minute.
2010_9_kylebday_039.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_040.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_041.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_042.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_043.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_044.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_045.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_046.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_047.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_048.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_049.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_050.jpg
After the physical exercise game snack time, a "feast" according to some boys.  During snack time, they watched a Ben 10 episode on the iPad.  Game #5 was a quiz with 9 questions.  Try your hand at the  quiz!
2010_9_kylebday_051.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_052.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_053.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_054.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_055.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_056.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_057.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_058.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_059.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_060.jpg Game #6 was a math decoder game.  The kids were so diligent!
Game #7 was a test of steady hands.  Each kid got 9 blocks and had to use all of them to build a 3 story high structure.  First team to get 3 structures up wins! 2010_9_kylebday_061.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_062.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_063.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_064.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_065.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_066.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_067.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_068.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_069.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_070.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_071.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_072.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_073.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_074.jpg
Group picture time! 

Game #8 was "pick out the raisins from the rice" in 30 seconds. 

Game #9 was "find 3 nuts of the same kind in the gooey yucky noodles".

2010_9_kylebday_077.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_078.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_079.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_080.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_081.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_082.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_083.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_084.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_085.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_086.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_087.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_088.jpg
Finally the kids get to eat the cupcakes.  And Kyle opened up some presents.  Each kid took home their goody bag filled with the 9 prizes from each of the games.
2010_9_kylebday_089.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_090.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_091.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_092.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_094.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_095.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_096.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_097.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_099.jpg      
Kyle's grandpa came to visit.  Kyle listened intently to grandpa's stories.  We ate delicious Shanghainese food. 2010_9_kylebday_101.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_103.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_104.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_105.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_106.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_107.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_108.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_109.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_110.jpg
2010_9_kylebday_111.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_112.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_114.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_115.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_116.jpg 2010_9_kylebday_117.jpg
Did the obligatory Bund tour, ending with the tour of the Peninsula hotel.  Then we went to TianZiFong - what a great warren of little stores.  Had wonderful burgers at the NY Burger & Steak house.


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