Disney Cruise

We went on the Disney Cruise in the Mexican Riviera for 7 days with Alan's cousin Cheryl and her family.  Kyle enjoyed playing with his cousins Emme and Adan, but he wasn't that excited by the characters.  We thought the food was mediocre, except for our first night at the reservation-only restaurant Palo.  At the first stop, Cabo San Lucas, Alan jumped and skidded around in a dune buggy while ML and Kyle had their own adventure using a public bus to find our timeshare.  At Mazatlan, we took the kids for a fun day at the beach.  At the last port, Puerto Vallarta, Alan took Kyle to see dolphins but he wasn't interested.  ML and Alan then found time on our own to enjoy a stroll downtown and eat some Mexican food.  The best part of the cruise was the shows and also the screening of Wall-E.

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