May 2008

ML and Kyle went to HK after Taiwan and met up with relatives and friends, and toured a lot of the children friendly sites.  We celebrated Cindy's birthday at "roomtwentyeight" at the new carbon neutral URBN hotel, where Peggy held her JUCCCE save-the-world talk.  We spend many of our weekends at our friends' kids' birthday parties.  Kyle also has just started doing sleep overs.  While the Yens stayed with us during their house construction, Kyle was so excited that he jumped out of bed every morning to see Keaton and Matthew.  We've been playing Settlers with Kyle.  He's getting quite good!  Alan's return to PayPal has been busy but good.  His team won the Q1 "PayPalian" award, recognizing the team's incredible "turnaround" in business terms.  Even better news,  PayPal moved offices back to city center in Puxi, cutting Alan's commute in half.  Now that we know Kyle's school for next year and Alan's office, we are able to figure out where we will move to - a complex right on top of Kyle's new school and on metro line 2 station.

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