Earth has Aliens


By Kyle Tien

February 2010, 2nd grade


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Alex. But she was an alien.  She had 4 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs, and a long tail.  She lived in the year 3109, and her planet was hidden in Saturn’s asteroid belt. She always dreamt about going to space and seeing the Solar System, but she was only 17 years old and she was a girl.  Girls could not go to space on her planet.  But her mom was always telling her to follow her dreams. 


One day, when she was gardening, she saw a skull.  When she picked up the skull, time stopped.  Everything couldn’t move except for Alex.  The skull talked to Alex.  She was terrified at first.  Then the skull said, “You can’t escape me.”  She soon found she couldn’t move.  She could only talk.  The skull said, “I will play an extremely dangerous game with you.  If you win, I will give you 3 wishes only for you.  But if you lose, your planet will shatter and you will be part of my collection.”


“What do I have to do to beat you?” asked Alex. 


The skull said, “You will have to beat ferocious creatures such as the monsters and floating mountains, nine headed bulls, sleeping gas, and your goal of the game is to get the crown and to put it on.  I will give you a map to find the crown.”


Then the skull said, “Let the games begin.”


Then Alex was teleported to Saturn itself.  There were huge dragonflies.


The skull said, “Here is your map.”


Alex took the map and it was like no map like Alex had ever seen.  It was a magical map.  It had dots for Alex and all the things that were coming her way.


The skull said, “The dot is you and these are the things coming your way and this is the crown.”  And then the skull disappeared. 


Alex walked and walked.  She went through deserts and forests that were bigger than buildings.  She went through monsters and floating mountains.  When she was close to the crown, she was 22 years old.  Then she saw a dragon, and then the skull said, “If you beat this dragon, then there will be nothing holding you back from getting the crown.”


Alex thought maybe she could go around the dragon, but she was badly mistaken.  Alex said, “I will have to fight you.”  So Alex hit the dragon, but her hand bounced off.  She fell down and the dragon blew a puff of fire, but Alex jumped up and dodged the fire.  Alex took a stick, got some fire, and threw it into the dragon’s mouth.  Then the dragon fell to the ground, and Alex went and picked up the crown and put it on her head.


And then the skull appeared.  He said, “Congratulations.  I will grant you 3 wishes.” 


Alex said, “I only want 1 wish.”


The skull said, “What is that 1 wish?”


Alex said, “It is to find an alien and to bring one back.”  And it happened from that day on, everything went well for Alex.


And that’s how life began on Earth.