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8th Grade

Singapore American School

Kyle takes part in the Middle School play Legally Blonde.

Social Studies Multicultural America Project

 Ronald Takaki History Alive 3

  Nanjing Massacre newsletter for social studies.

Even more impressively, he writes an amazing science fiction story.


7th Grade

Singapore American School

Movie Trailer - For the Accidental Hero book

Passion Project - Kyle is passionate about comics, specifically The Far Side by Gary Larson.

Kyle's writings in 7th Grade English - Realistic Fiction

 Video of Kyle's segment in the Singapore American School (SAS) middle school play It's Complicated.


6th Grade

We moved to Singapore, where Kyle goes to another SAS (Singapore American School).

Kyle's School Blog

 Modern Millie Play


5th Grade

Kyle switched from YK Pao to Shanghai American School (SAS).

Kyle's school blog

The Time I Got Stuck In A Trunk

Posted by kyle01px2020 on September 25, 2012

By: Kyle
When I was little, about four years old, I wanted to play hide and seek with my ayi, I had already played a few rounds of hide and seek and it was my turn to hide.
As I remember it, I was running down the corridor, giggling uncontrollably, as I ran, as fast as my little feet could carry me, my puny blue shirt waving behind me, every single feature about myself was happy. The sound of my feet was heard throughout the whole house ‘‘thump, thump, pitter-patter.’’
My hungry eyes, where scanning for possible hiding spots. Each small detail was sucked into brain, as if I was trying to find a diamond, and I did find my diamond, a big flawless one.
A wooden trunk, my size, perfect, my ayi would never suspect to find me there. As I hopped effortlessly in, and gently closed the lid, chuckling, I wanted to take a peek what harm could it do, then my heart stopped, as the trunk, as I realized that the trunk was locked, I was trapped!
‘Thump, Thump,’ the sound of my chubby fists banging against the cold heartless wooden planks echoed through out the entire house. Loud ear piercing screeches were thundering down the corridor into those unfortunate ears. As my heart pumped, and I cried with…fear, that’s it! I was scared! Scared of death, scared of the dark, and scared of never being found again! Being left to rot in this tiny little . It was all very overwhelming, and as I pounded on the cruel wood. Time seamed to slow down, as if it wanted me to slowly decay in the foul box. So time was against me, once a great friend, now a worst enemy. Although the entire scene was only five seconds, it felt like an eternity.
A golden angel arose lifting the trunk lid, as easily as a feather. Saved, at last, my heart beat relaxed, and my screams turned into silent joy. Saved, by my ayi.


2nd Grade

Power - first powerpoint for homework.  Great email from proud parent and grandparent

From: Janet Tien
Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010
To: Alan Tien
Subject: Re: Fwd: for Kyle's next powerpoint
Dear Alan and Mae-Ling:
I am glad to hear that Kyle has organizational skills.  I think Alan's success is more because of his organizational systematic, analytical way of thinking than smarter than others. 
It is nice that Kyle feels good and confident about himself.  Self esteem is the main reason that kids want to prevail in school, thus paving for a good working habit later.  Love you all, Mom
From: Mae-Ling Tien
Date: March 24, 2010
To: Alan Tien
Subject: for Kyle's next powerpoint
Kyle's school topic is pollution next week. His EU teacher Ms. Jennifer says the project is optional. Turns out last week, Kyle ASKED for extra homework. He said he has two extra days at home on the weekends. Interesting, don't you think? I told him it would impress me more if one day he asked teacher Zhai for extra Chinese homework! Not sure he thought that was funny.

I'm guessing he really enjoys presenting his own work in class (great for his self-esteem) which is why he's into these powerpoints.

The other day Kyle asked what he thinks he'll do as a job when he grows up. I just emphasized the importance of going to college to increase his chances of getting the job he wants. He said he wanted to work at PayPal! So cute. I mentioned a job is not just making money. He said you make friends and get to travel, too. I added that you get to make a contribution and feel valued for your work which changes people's lives and the world.




 Kyle's "Xtranormal" movie for his homework assignment "Protecting the Environment"


Alien Story


Kyle's Ben 10 story


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