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Kyle is now 4 years old and says lots of cute stuff like:

I want to be a doctor so I can drive an ambulance. It's more fun than being a hairdresser.

Kyle loves touching mommy's hair and enjoys going with her to the hairwash, a popular and cheap activity in China where the hairdresser gives you a shoulder massage, washes your hair at your seat, rinses and adds conditioner multiple times, massages your head, and then dries your hair.  But he's now conflicted because he finds all emergency vehicles (fire truck, ambulance, police cars, tow trucks) fascinating.


The following story is verbatim from Kyle, 3 years old.  Text in square brackets are to explain things for the less informed:

One day, Clifford came out and Emily Elizabeth surprised him.  They went on a walk to see a secret tunnel. And brought Jenna and Mack and T-Bone over.  Those dogs want to walk to see secret tunnel.  And went to the secret tunnel.

"Hello...hello"  [echoes in the cave].  Turn on flashlight and bear comes.  "Who's in my secret cave?"  "It's going to eat us," T-Bone says.  Spiderman's going to save you.  Spiderman's coming!  Put the bear in garbage truck.

Went in secret tunnel and saw Thomas Train that was an echo and Annie and Clarabel in secret tunnel turns on brakes.  "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo."  And Thomas went fast.  One day, he got through the tunnel and couldn't find station.  Sir Topham Hatt says, "Go Fast!"  Thomas comes back to the station.  "No, I'm going to the new station.  Can't catch me Gordon!  I'm too fast!"

"Whoa.  Emily Elizabeth, Jenna, T-Bone, Elizabeth and Cleo - getting us all dizzy!"

The End.

Cast of Characters:

From Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford, Emily Elizabeth, Jenna, Mack, T-Bone, Cleo

From Thomas the Train: Thomas, Gordon, Sir Topham Hatt, Annie, Clarabel