Hawaii Wedding Ceremony and Reception

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We got married at the 5-star Ihilani Resort & Spa in Hawaii. It's beautiful - just like paradise! Our ceremony was out by the lagoon shown below. The hotel is about 1/2 hour west of Waikiki (Honolulu) on the island of Oahu.

Monday June 22: The Big Day

  10:45 Alan sees Mae-Ling in her elegant wedding gown for the first time as she walks down the stairs.  Eugenia believes he cries...
  11:00 Tea Ceremony for Alan's Dad, Step-Mother, and Grandmother
  11:30 Alan and Mae-Ling's wedding pictures
  2:00 Family and Bridal Party pictures

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  2:30 Tea Ceremony for Mae-Ling's parents and Alan's Mom
  4:30 Wedding Ceremony postponed by 10 minutes due to rain; guests huddle under quartet's tent
  4:45 Sun comes out and the Wedding Ceremony continues; read the Wedding Program created by Lisa King; Reverand Mak is gracious, Mae-Ling's high school friend Gwen Burton reads a poem and then tops it with sentimental prose of her own

Michelle Wong sings Jim Brickman's Valentine so melodiously that everyone asks if she's a professional singer

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  5:30 Cocktail reception with delicious hors d'oeuvres

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  6:30 Bennet blows the conch shell to start the seating for dinner; Don Chin is the Master of Ceremonies and introduces the wedding party
  6:45 Guests feast on the sumptious wedding buffet
  7:00 ML and Alan re-enter with ML's Chinese dress
  7:30 Guests perform hilarious skits that include their table's name (a name of a city such as Paris) and the wedding toy on the table (such as candles, bubbles, toy cars, ...) to get Alan and ML to kiss.  Read about the Game's Rules in more detail.
  7:45 Both fathers and Best Man Bennet give touching speeches.
  8:00 ML and Alan re-enter with ML's sophisticated evening gown.
  8:15 Everyone is amazed by Ed and Kelli's video show.
  8:45 All the traditional wedding stuff:  cake cutting, bouquet toss (caught by Eugenia), garter toss (caught by John Luke).
  9:15 First dance to Michelle's singing of Valentine again, but this time with Paula Nawas accompanying on the grand piano.

The band Nueva Vida then plays Unforgettable for the dance with the parents, and Unchained Melody for the wedding party dance.  Then the dancing really started with Glenn Miller's In the Mood.


Don Chin (aka Don "The Duke" Kamehameha) impersonates Michael Jackson to the song Billy Jean.  Paul Chin is brought in at the end to do some major break dancing but unfortunately the song ends.

Alan and his dad wins a $1000 bet with his step-mother by bringing his 85 year old grandmother to the dance floor.  She boogies.

Alan's Mom dancing on stage and later freaking groomsman Ed Sun.

Bennet Yen gets everyone to order 4 drinks and lines them all up on the back stage to avoid running out of alcohol after "last call."

Min-Jung is flipped to a loud thump by Dave Shen after she flipped Dave, breaking his watch.