The Wedding Ceremony

rosewed.gif (83934 bytes) Doesn't this look like a picture from a movie??
groomsmn.gif (77110 bytes) The groomsmen looking very studly and amazingly fresh for being in a three piece tux outfit in 95 degrees heat and 95% humidity!

Raffles Hotel Reception

The dinner reception at the Raffles Hotel was high-class all the way.  The food was scrumptious and even had the sophisticated touch of serving sorbet after the salad to cleanse your palate (for the uninitiated, one might have thought dessert was being served a little early...).  Mr. Foo, the bride's father, gave a touching speech, and the Best Man Deron dropped his California laid-back manner of speech and found eloquence that surprised me.  ML and I loved his speech so much that we managed to get his original speech to put into the scrapbook we were making for Beverly and Alistair.  I hope none of you are planning to go to our best friends Bennet and Eugenia's wedding since I might be stealing Deron's speech almost verbatim...

preraffl.gif (44864 bytes) The out of towners, ready to head over to the dinner reception at Raffles Hotel, pose for 50 cameras in the lobby of the "hyper-modern" Ritz-Carlton.

Why is Elizabeth so short here?

atmltada.gif (54597 bytes) Ta da!!

ML and I hamming it up in front of the stately fountain in the Raffles courtyard.

raffles.gif (44080 bytes) We snatch a picture with the bride and groom before dinner.
rfdinner.gif (41506 bytes) We take a picture in front of our table, named "Repulse Bay.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Reception, Shanghai Theme

The Sunday night Chinese banquet at the Ritz Carlton was how I imagine royalty celebrates.  It was for 700 people, many of the women dressed in the Shanghai theme (but only 2 or 3 other men like me!).

happy2.gif (62562 bytes) Fantastic ice sculpture of the Chinese "Double Happiness" character, associated with weddings.
ab_trad.gif (47413 bytes) Alistair and Beverly in traditional outfits.  Come on Alistair, admit you liked wearing a dress!  You can tell that embarrassed smile of Alistair's is saying, "This is the last time you see me in this outfit!"
atmltrad.gif (59549 bytes) But Alistair wasn't the only guy fooled into wearing a gown.  We're hanging out with our friends Miranda and Hugh.
trad4.gif (69616 bytes) I don't know why chi-pao's ever went out of style!!

Stag Party

See, nothing to worry about Bev.  It was SO tame that the Best Man Deron fell asleep!

deronzzz.gif (32202 bytes)