Bennet & Eugenia's Wedding

We are so excited that our best friends Bennet Yen and Eugenia Lin got married on September 5, 1999.  I am Bennet's Best Man and thus I had the pleasure of organizing his bachelor party.  Mae-Ling is also in the wedding party as a bridesmaid.  Here are some of the highlights:

Groomsmen.jpg (48819 bytes) All the groomsmen looking cool by the bridge - but really sweating to death wearing black tuxedos in 90 degree heat!
sunny.jpg (77997 bytes) Bennet and Eugenia striking a classical pose.
bestman.jpg (13399 bytes) The Best Man's picture.
wed.jpg (30064 bytes) Gorgeous outdoor wedding at Palmsdale in Fremont.  Most everyone cried during the readings to the parents by Bennet and Eugenia.
cake.jpg (22224 bytes) What a beautiful cake!  Eugenia couldn't wait for the cutting before diving in.
chipao.jpg (13327 bytes) Wow, why did chipao's ever go out of fashion???
dance.jpg (17778 bytes) Ahh, the first dance.
dip.jpg (12637 bytes) Leave it to Bennet and Eugenia to add a little bit of spice into the first dance!
BestFriends.jpg (23957 bytes) The CORE couples and best friends.

Here are some of the larger pictures - they may take some time to download.

Bennet & Eugenia's Wedding - Big Pictures